Add more granular control over users to limit what profiles and lists they can access. Ideally I'd like to have the ability to assign a user to a single profile and its lists. I'd also like to have the ability to assign specific editorial roles to each user. For instance: Have a user only be able to [...] See More
It could save a huge amount of time from saving the photos to my computer and uploading it, if there is an option to just input the image url when adding content.
Send an email message to the page owner when a list has x days of posts left. This may be a feature for all I know. This would be useful when you are servicing a bunch of lists that are scheduled at different days of expiration during a month.
I would like to group several facebook pages together and search them for videos to repost. And I would like to make that search or list to be available across a few pages that I manage. Right now, the process is taking very long by searching and duplicating lists. Any way to make this simpler?

Any [...] See More
Allow main account/admin to change permission settings for other users under the same subscription. For example, admin can set subuser to see other users' lists
The option to set a default page for each campaign so we don't have to select the page every time.
I think this would be a huge time saver. Thank you!